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Waiting Time:
As of August 2006, he has received the order until 2016.

Mitsuhiro Uchida & 27 st HG
At Acoustic Fan Fair: Uchida Guitar booth, in Kariya city in 2002.

Mitsuhiro Uchida & Mori Yasuda
24 st HG was just born at Uchida Guitar Workshop in 1994.
Profile of Mitsuhiro Uchida
1952 Born in Tokyo
1972 Began to take lessons in making guitars from a teacher: Toshihiko Nakade who is a luthier of classical guitars
1979 Had trained for repair and quality control at Kohno guitars
1980 Had taught to make guitars and quality control at some guitar factory in Nagoya city
1983 Went over to Germany
Repair of string instruments at BSA musical instruments
1987 Went over to Northern Ireland
Participated in Lowden Guitars for General manager of Technical division
Recognized as Teaching officer, Key worker from the government of Great Britain
1988 Participated to make many professional models for factory manager of Lowden Guitars
(Guitars for Pierre Bensusan, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, John Renbourn, Elvis Costello, David Lindrey, Jackson Brown etc)
1990 U(vol.1, but no serial), U 12st(vol.3, but no serial), U Jazz(vol.4, but no serial), Seven string guitar(vol.6, but no serial)
Retired from Lowden Guitars in December
Returned to Japan to make original guitars
1991 Set up workshop in Takato town of Nagano prefecture in October. U(vol.7, #9101)
1992 UN-C ceder top, jaca back & side Yoji Yamamoto(#9201)
1993 C-HLC(#9301), Concept #1(#9306), Concept #2(#9308), N(#9310)
1994 U(#9401), M-HLC(#9408), U-C(#9409), 24 string Concert Harp Guitar (#9410)
1995 U-tiple(#9501), #9501-2, #9501-3, U-Mignon(#9502), #9502-2, #9502-3, Mignon 12 string guitar(#9505), #9505-2, #9505-3, #9505-4, 30 string Double Harp Guitar(#9506), #9506-2, #9506-3, #9506-4, M(#9509), FN-HL(#9510)
1996 Mandomignon(#9601), F-HLBC(#9603), F(#9604), U-6 Nylon(#9606), U-6(#9607), FSS(#9608), FS-HLC(#9609), Nouveau Walnut(#9610), Nouveau Koa(#9611)
1997 Nouveau(#9701), FN-HLC(#9702),18 string Mignon Harp Guitar(#9704), U-HLC-J(#9707), K-alpha(Offset Soundhole)(#9708)
1998 FS-HLC(#9805), F-Mignon(#9502), FSN-HL(#9810)
1999 FNS-HLTBC(#9901), FS-HLTBC(#9902), U-99(#9908)
2000 Piccolo(#001), Millennium-Twelve(#003), FShN-HLTBC Black Wood(#100)
2001 FShN-HLTC(#104), 27 string Terz Harp Guitar(#105), UK Soprano(#111)
2002 FShN(#116), N-HLTC(#118)
2003 FS-HLTC(#121), FSN-HLTC(#122)
2004 K-HLTC(#125), Piccolo(#128)

Uchida guitar size list

A=Body length, B=Bust, C=Waist, D=Hip, Unit: mm(millimeter)

A 508 508 510 510 495 495 491 485 490 480 480 508 508 352 352 255
B 280 260 292 272 282 262 290 260 283 275 255 296 276 200 210 146
C 260 240

242 216 244

D 410 390 412 392 402 382 388 348 378 405 385 390 370 290 284 206

Depth of body
80~120mm at the end

650mm (standard)
Mignon: 480mm (standard)


Sitka Spruce, Cedar

Back & Sides
African Blackwood, Brazilian Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut, Maple, Hawaiian Koa, Wenge, Lacewood etc.

Head shape
Solid, Slotted, Three Dimension type

Gotoh, Shaller (standard)
Waverly, Rogers, LSR (special version)

Honduran Mahogany (standard)
Walnut, Maple, Spanish Cedar (special version)

Ebony, Brazilian Rosewood, Macarssar Ebony

Brazilian Rosewood, Ebony

Satin finish with clear lacquer (standard)
Gloss finish (special version)


Mitsuhiro UCHIDA
4947-27 Fujisawa, Takato-cho, Ina-shi, Nagano prefecture, JAPAN
Post Code: 396-0301
Telephone: 0265-96-2145

Mitsuhiro Uchida doesn't use PC so that he doesn't have e-mail address. Please contact him by airmail.
If you call him,
please pay attention to the time differnce. Please call him between 11:00 and 20:00 in "Japanese time".

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